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Pizza recién horneado
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The Deli at Mama Toucan’s has one goal:  To provide the healthiest most nutritious meals available in Dominical.  Period.  We use organic produce and premium, chemical-free, ingredients to create delicious meals everyone can enjoy.  

Unlike most restaurants, we provide vegan and vegetarian options for every single option on the menu. From Pizza’s, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads and Desserts, we wanted to create a place where folks that are very conscious of the foods they consume can come and have a large list of items to choose from.  This includes a heavy focus on plant-based protein sources such as locally produced tempeh, tofu and beans.  

For the items that contain chicken, we use free-range chicken that comes directly from one of our certified organic farms.  While Costa Rica doesn’t provide an organic certification for poultry, this product is the absolute cleanest source you can find.  

Finally, all of the ingredients we use come directly from our store so you know what you are getting is the real deal.  The best make the best products.  That’s why our motto is “Eat here, Feel Great”.  


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