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Finally a vegan ice cream that has a creamy texture and rich in flavor!  

Mama Toucan’s Cocolado has been Costa Rica’s premiere plant-based vegan ice cream since 2016!   When we opened our store in the small beach town of Dominical, we struggled to find products that fit our criteria of being natural and chemical-free available in Costa Rica.  Every beach town needs good ice cream so we decided to make some for ourselves!    

At Mama Toucan’s we believe in one simple concept:  The best ingredients make the best products.  We use premium coconut milk along with the highest quality of ingredients to add flavor.  From 100% cacao, to freshly squeezed orange juice to organic cane sugar, to cold pressed organic coffee, there is simply no substitute for the best.  After many months of developing the recipes, we finally found the perfect balance of great flavor and creamy texture.  

You can find our Mama Toucan’s Cocolado in more that 50 stores around Costa Rica.  We love meeting new customers in our store and hearing that they tried our product in other areas of the country.  They all say the same thing, “It’s so good, We can’t believe its Vegan!”

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